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It is with great sadness that our country says goodbye to legend Louis Wilsenach.
He worked tirelessly for a better outcome for our country.
He was instrumental in the New South Africa as with FW de Klerk’s comment on the sad news:

“I am saddened by the death of my friend, Louis Wilsenach, and reach out to his family and friends. He was a man of exceptional talent. His contribution towards the campaign of the National Party in the years of transition was exceptional. The messages he helped me and the National Party to send out were vibrant and powerful, and credit should go to him for the coining of the phrase the “New South Africa”. May he rest in peace.” Former president FW de Klerk.

In his last years, his most exceptional devotion was to work on the ECD front to help prepare the children of South Africa to be school ready and to develop their talents and God-given gifts.

I was privileged to work along his side.
And will work tirelessly to keep his voice, legacy and vision alive.

All the books that you buy will work toward this goal.

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Every Child is a God Idea!

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