Home Schooling

The Home Schooling Phenomena

Education in South African is a fast changing and very dynamic industry.

            There are a few interesting pointers:

> Because of reasons beyond our control, public schools are actually in decline, so much so that it is estimated that there is a decline of 9% in the number of schools in this sector. 80% of public schools are nonfunctional. That is a frightening reality, considering all the millions of children that need to be educated in our Country.

> Independent schools are growing at the very crisp rate of 44%. It is estimated that there are now 2500 independent schools in SA. That tells a very simple story: parents that care for their children will find the extra funds to secure proper education for their kids.

> Home schooling is most probably growing at the same rate as independent schools. With one very important difference: the success of home schooling depends 100% on the parent’s commitment to their children’s development. There are an estimated 100 000 children in the home school system in South Africa.

> Home-schooled scholars perform better at university level then other students! They cope better with varsity because they were taught to be self-reliant students.

Home school families are more loving and caring environments to grow up in.

> Home schooling is as old as the mountains.... just think of young David, being taught Godly principles by his mother, and how to sheppard sheep by his father. A love for God that made David the most prolific psalmist of all times ... with a skill with a slingshot that saved God’s people!

> Distance learning is becoming the biggest new trend in worldwide education. Technology is fast replacing the teacher in the classroom. The computer on the child’s desk is becoming the ‘teacher’ and dispenser of knowledge and instruction. The Internet is becoming the cloud in the sky with all the information that a scholar can ever ask for.

The home scholar has one added advantage... a loving and caring parent at hand. Nothing can replace a personal touch and an encouraging word.

The world salutes the Home School Parent! You are adding a dimension to your child’s education that nothing can match ... a personal parental touch.