Grade 2: Workbook – God’s Awesome Plan For My Life



Jam-packed 51 lessons of self-discovery!
The curriculum is divided into 8 themes, bound with the wonderful golden thread that every child is a God idea. In every lesson the child will discover something new of God’s plan for his and her life.
The themes form the foundation for each child to discover and develop their God given talents, gifts and blessings.
Each of us are called, equipped and blessed to fulfill our purpose.
The activities are designed for children in their Grade 2 year.
The workbook and facilitator’s guide is a unit and should not be bought separately. One facilitator’s guide per group and one workbook per child are recommended.

This is the child’s workbook that goes with God’s Awesome Plan For My Life (Grade 2 – Facilitator’s Guide)

Format: print, soft cover, full colour
Size: 297mm x 210 mm, 103 pages
Age: 7-9 years, Grade 2
ISBN: 978-0-9922280-9-5


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