Grade 3: Workbook – My Journey To My Future



An exciting Journey of 42 lessons. Life is a pilgrimage from child to adult. Children should learn that they are on a life journey and you should prepare for it with great enthusiasm. This curriculum will guide and prepare your child for this amazing journey. Divided into 10 themes which focuses on some of a journey’s aspects like: the journey, the suitcase, passport, abilities, hearts desire, vision, the right path, praise and worship, rest and review.
Your child will discover and develop his and her talents, gifts, dreams and vision within the greater plan of God’s Will.
The workbook and facilitator’s guide is a unit and should not be bought separately. One facilitator’s guide per group and one workbook per child are recommended.
The activities are designed for children in their Grade 3 year.

This is the child’s workbook that goes with the My Journey To My Future (Grade 3 – Facilitator’s Guide)

Format: print, soft cover, full colour
Size: 297mm x 210 mm, 85 pages
Age: 8-10 years, Grade 3
ISBN: 978-0-9922280-3-3


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