How To Bless Your Child To Happiness



How To Bless Your Child

I suppose this book has been growing in me since I was a little boy.

Being a child was an amazing experience. My childhood memories tower over my life’s garden like huge trees covered in leaves full of all the wonderful things that happened to me over the years.

I often choose to sit and reflect under any of these colourful trees – hug the big strong trunk that was my father, play in the branches that were my brothers, sisters, family and friends. My educational tree was filled with wonderful lessons, Biology and poems, mates and Mathematics! My dream tree was my favourite tree. Hiding in its branches I could become anything I ever wished to be – the rugby star, the jet pilot ….

How lucky I was to grow up in an era of few toys but many joys.

As a young dad I could not wait to get home early from work to play with our kids. In that magical hour after they have been bathed and robed, smelling like powdered bunnies, Dad could play with them until Mama called for supper. Then spoons and forks became airplanes and bulldozers, stuffing healthy loads of pumpkin and carrot into laughing little mouths, but far too quickly the childhood was a thing of the past.

And then, just as one gets used to an empty nest, the grand-kids come along!

Somehow they’re even more fun than your own kids ever were. Our grandchildren grew up living with us on our little farm just outside Johannesburg. As it turned out, I was an even better Opi than a daddy.

To fill a few blank spaces in our parenting experience, my wife and I adopted two orphaned little black boys in our later years … I suppose because He wanted to keep us young and learning! All this to help and prepare me to create, co-write and illustrate this book.

I love children. They are the most amazing beings on earth. I have come to believe that every child is a God idea – especially created by a loving Father and gifted with the exact talents and traits to become wonderfully fulfilled human beings.

Parenting is the greatest journey on earth, and sharing it with a child you love is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I hope that this book will help you enjoy that journey every single step of the way!

Format: print, soft cover, full colour
Size: 220mm x 210 mm, 68 pages
Age: Parents of newborn babies to children of 4 years of age.
ISBN: 978-0-9922376-6-0